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To schedule your reading, please choose the reading of your preference and then use the bookings tab to book the session. Prior to our reading, I will need your complete birth information: date, time of birth and location.


Readings are available via teleconference until restrictions due to Covid-19 are lifted. Your reading will be recorded and delivered to you digitally as an MP3 file.


"Whitney has such an expansive wealth of knowledge when it comes to astrology and lays everything out in a way that is super palatable and applicable. So much of what she covered in our meeting felt so spot on and rang so true for me. She was filled with insight and helped me to view things from a more elevated perspective. Her messages were so very affirming of my beliefs and experiences.


I highly recommend Whitney to anyone - astrology novice or expert - who is looking to learn more about themselves through the lens of astrology."



Natal Chart Reading

90 minutes / $125

The natal chart is a map of the planets at the moment of your birth, which holds the roots of your life's stories and their overarching themes. Through a natal chart reading, we will explore these themes together, discern what is currently activated by planetary motion, and use the lens of astrology to refocus where you might feel stuck. You can book this reading on my booking page or by clicking here

Relationship Reading

90 minutes / $145

Relationships are complex interweavings of people and their stories. In the relationship reading, we will use two techniques to see your relationship: synastry and composite charts. Synastry looks at the interplay between two people's natal charts, offering insight into compatibility and conflict. Composite charts also use each person's natal chart but create what be thought of as a third chart; the relationship's chart. Relationship readings are not solely for romantic couples and can be helpful in constellating the tales of any close relationship: parents and children, business partners, siblings, or friends both recent and ageless. You can book this reading on my booking page or by clicking here

Ongoing / Year ahead Reading

1 hour / $105

For ongoing clients who have already had a natal chart reading with me, an ongoing reading explores the dynamics of the chart, upcoming transits, and what astrological dynamics are on the horizon. You can book this reading on my booking page or by clicking here 

Bereavement Reading

1 hour  /  $0 - these readings are complimentary

Sudden and slow deaths leave wakes of questions alike. I have participated in and witnessed the deep soul-soothing that astrology can offer surrounding a death. Bereavement readings can offer words when there are none by feeling into the myths of life and those that may have been working under the surface upon death. Depending on circumstance and accessible information, I work both with the deceased's natal chart as well as their death chart — the map placing the planets at the time of death.

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