10,000 Days (the cycle of Saturn)

(10,000 days) Saturn-ruled Aquarius ascending, Capricorn North Node He sits on the threshold of my first house (whole sign) In the belly of my 12th (Koch) So Mutable I can’t choose whether the Lord of Time Is my guardian or my doom - Fate either way. Born at his station degree When for a whole month Saturn paused at 0 Aquarius Finally stationed direct in my chart by progression, only a year ago

Awkward to wander through childhood Saturnine. Too serious, strangely melancholy 8th house luminaries sowing taboo Aquarius rising feeling foreign everywhere

With a shock of Leo that would not be quiet And a Cancer south node’s resounding sensitivity Que the melodrama That fed the guilty Virgo moon The stern disapproval of Saturn Disgusted with myself Too joyful, too sad, Most of all Too open Capricorn in the 12th, nesting my north node in shadowy ambiguity Calling for a love of god concretized and made manifest Conjoining Neptune the dream giver I knew psychotropics spelled doom for me Reality perched close to the mythic realm already And Saturn kept me from them with ease. Today I have lived 10,000 days. An official beginning of His return It will not be perfect to the degree for a year But 2019 he will transit my North node three times Trine my quiet Sun Help me find the way down the rocky mountain path Down from airy heights into the body of my life Where commitment and time Build solid dreams.

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