4th Quarter Moon, Dark Hemicycle

The moon stays steady and constant, it is the light of the sun that gives the play of her cycle. That light too stays always on half of her, but our perspective gives it a shifting cycle. In abstraction we can bend our mental models into a static equilibrium. Earth- bound not so. The sun in Aquarius, the moon in Scorpio, the lunar month turns receptive. An older moon, a wiser moon. A moon who will use what she has on hand. A fourth quarter moon is a moon of found poetry, kitchen sink cooking, second hand art supplies. And this one, in fixed signs is stubborn - Like my way or the highway stubborn. And it's winter. Not a bad time to lock yourself in the empty study in your mind and practice listening. Not digging, probing, or researching - though a Scorpio moon loves those - but watching yourself in full attention. This is Aquarius season. Just accept the truth of who you are today. Your eccentricities belong to the collective more than to you anyways. Integrity is your duty. Listen in Aquarian clarity. (Praying is at least half listening (and god answers all prayers - "no" is an answer)) A new moon this weekend will officially close out eclipse season, Venus will ingress into Capricorn, and the quality of time will shift flavors. A fourth quarter moon some random Monday in january is as much the heart of your life as any other day... 🌗

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