Aquarius New Moon

This new moon feels tender. It's the first un-eclipsed lunation in a month, letting go the death grip of eclipse season; it's the first un-eclipsed Aquarius lunation in two years. And it feels like tender skin after a thorough and somewhat painful exfoliation. We're at the first beginning after the end. And it's gentler than I thought. 🌑♒ Aquarius season has been fiesty for me this year. I feel a quiet fire under my skin, I feel like I am walking around with a secret I have just discovered. I am finding myself impatient and wanting shake the people around me and demand they notice the prisons of their own minds. I feel like I woke up and realized how free we are. ♒🌑 Well. How free some of us are. And how that freedom rings as a psychological imperative to make room for ourselves in the world, and to live authentically, pushing the boundaries where we can for greater human flourishing. Because, taking the space to know yourself and making a promise to foster that self and cultivate a life that you feel fully alive in is. actually. better for everyone. 🌑♒ As Glennon Doyle-Wambach realized "what is best for us is what's best for the people we love. " We build prisons of sacrifice and fear, and from those towers we critique consensual reality and societal standards. But. You are victimizing yourself if you do nothing, say nothing, in your job, your relationship, your one and only precious life. ♒🌑 If you do not like the way social media is used - use it in a way that you feel is authentic. We are surrounded by tools not rules. 🌑♒ Imagine your self embedded in a lifestyle so meaningful you'd rather give up your life than your lifestyle. Imagine what would happen in your days for them to feel like that? Please begin. Please do just one thing to free yourself. ♒🌑 We live unthinkingably good lives by history's standards. We have at our fingertips all the know-how to change our lives, jobs, relationships, society, if only we can figure out the courage. And we need to find a way, because integrity is the price of privilege. 🌑♒ And what about gentleness? Can you feel the gentleness of Time? What is more patient than Time?

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