Ask your _____ if astrology might be right for you...


I really don’t care if anyone believes or uses it. Like zero. It does not offend me at all when people don’t care or don’t think anything of it.

I’m not going to try and convince anyone or proselytize ever.

I understand.

I wouldn’t believe anything that sounded so preposterous either, and I didn’t for a long time (ahhh paradoxes…)

I’m not sure that I even do *believe.*

I *use* it because it has allowed me to come back to myself, who I rejected and criticized for so many years. And that is a precious f*cking thing, which has made all the difference.

I *use* it because it enriches my experience of my days and my relationships.

It *helps* me have more compassion, which makes me a better person in my life and for the world.

It is so much more interesting to me *that* it works and what it can do,

than *how* it works.

And that’s the funny thing - I think when people think of “astrology” they think of something that doesn’t much look like how it looks it my life.

And that’s a good lesson for me too. “Reality is subjective,” or at least “consensual reality is significantly flawed,” and there are sweet sweet moments to be had at just letting down my own prejudices and assumptions and letting people show themselves and what they love on their own terms. I don’t have to agree, or even approve, but why not look at what it looks like from inside?

(Ugh, now this sounds like I want everyone to look at astrology...I still don’t, y’all are all good)

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