Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Opposition

Part I. (Here's the info: if you were born between November 19, 1990 and July 31, 1992, then get in the boat we're going out to sea.) The lunar nodes oppose - now, there is a lot of writing on what that means technically- so I am not going to go into that. What I want to know is what, my dear Nodal cohort, you think you are doing? Our Saturn returns are on the horizon, progressed lunar returns about happening, and the nodes have shifted(November). Can you feel it? I can, but the words don't seem enough. If you feel a little lost right now, you are in the right place. But maybe some of this will help: We are Cancer South Nodes. Born nurturers, family-oriented, noticers of others, some call us "too sensitive," others, my least favorite pop psychology word - "empaths." We think we can deal with ourselves and our lives if everyone around us is taken care of, and we are happy to take that on. But we are also Capricorn North Nodes. Ambitious and driven, we are attempting to claim ourselves out of family roles, to step away from the hearth and try our hands at power. Maybe the best way to care for the family is to captain the ship, rather than tending the needs. It is imperative we grow up, but we are silently afraid that we are and will always be childlike and incompetent. "Adulting" for us is the growing edge, the dragon to approach and the key to satisfaction. So what of the nodal opposition? It means, that collectively the world is hungry for a little more comforting Cancer warmth, and a little less tough-it-out Capricorn drive, the opposite of our internal push. And in case that's not wobbly enough, some eclipses are coming to force the issue. So here's the gem to be won: the old stories and patterns can break. From now until May 2020 is the time to decide just how you want to balance your deep emotional wisdom with your ambitious perseverance, where you want to choose family and tribe, and where you go alone. In these months and this eclipse cycle, you've got some corrective lenses to view the big journey. Use them.

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