Cancer Moon

We wake to a Cancer moon today, and probably should just stay in bed and cuddle for a few extra minutes, just one more kiss before starting your day . . The Moon loves Cancer, the sign of her rulership. Here she throws her warm arms around family, cooking, snuggling, and nurturing those close. She can sense and intuit the feelings and needs of those around her, sometimes before they can . . But Cancer is also the place of whimsical imagination - the child, as well as the mother. Cancer knows how to play in magic worlds wrought from their own dream logic . . The shadow is moodiness, sensitivity in rare degree, wallowing in nostalgia and memories of loss. Nothing breaks the heart of the Cancer moon quite like our inability to heal the past . . A rare gem is the sense of humor of the Cancer moon - she is delightfully absurd, comes out of nowhere with the charm of an ecstatic child, leaving other moons caught with quizzical looks as she rolls on the floor laughing . . Give yourself and those around you some extra sweetness - hand-holding, blankets, and baked goods are also recommended.

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