First Quarter Moon

Last night the Moon squared the Sun, marking the entrance into the second quarter of the lunar month . . This is the first crisis of the lunar cycle, where inspiration collides with matter, the rubber meets the road, so to speak. The seedlings of the new moon get transplanted outside into the busy bright world. There may be some resulting transplant shock, a little sunburn, some shivery nights that cull the herd, hence the term "crisis." . . If you are feeling the struggle, it's there. Feel out ways to slow down or take a rest, but keep moving forward, this is a challenge, but no time to quit. . . People born during this moon phase are natural activists, born to change the world. But there is a natural resistance exerted against them, offering them the allure of martyrdom. But this is not the lifetime for it, no, this one is about engagement with the world, it's hard facts and consequences. . . The trick here is pacing. Not all the transplants will survive, not all dreams can manifest. At the first quarter we make the choice of what we will actually keep alive by personal effort. Pick your battles, not every hill is worth dying on.


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