Full Moon in Cancer - 12/31/17

On the first day of the new year, the moon will ask about the past.

The moon, with its storehouse of memory and emotion, in full power in Cancer, will oppose the Sun in Capricorn for the first full moon of the new year. Each full moon offers the greatest exacerbation between the polarities of the signs that frame it. This one will pull into sharp relief the wounds of the past, the imperfection of nurturance given and received, the desire for financial and emotional security (Cancer).

Against this force tugs the Sun, giving energy to the inherent power and pleasure of the present, announcing our place in the the world as opposed to the home, asking us to quickly hang up our aprons and don our coats and hats to step outside and get shit done (Capricorn).

Full moons are also the emotional height of each month, and this one has the moon in the most emotional sign, so whatever deep griefs you are carrying, a good kitchen-floor cry might be in order. And please do cry on the floor, but be careful about the stories you tell about your grief. Let your tears release the stories rather than fuel them, and a great weight may be lifted.

As strong as the moon is in this lunation, Capricorn boasts a formidable foyer this year, and the moon’s path to opposition brings it into confrontation with several bouncers at the door.

First, on New Year’s Eve, the Moon will oppose Saturn (if you needed the trigger for the kitchen-floor cry, there it is). Saturn may have a few things to say about emotional baggage better left in 2017. The following day, the moon will oppose Venus before reaching the sun. Venus in Capricorn finds connection through commitment. It’s opposition to the Moon may shine a light upon what fears and worries from the past are keeping us from committing to the brave path of the future of our relationships. From there the moon will oppose the sun.

This full moon is about making sure the power of your emotional body is fueling, rather than draining your work in the world. Let go, reverently and respectfully, of whatever feelings of worry and fear are holding you back from your work in 2018.

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