Full Moon in Virgo - 3/1/18

Are you sick of your scuba gear yet? Because the last two weeks have been a lot of watery Pisces goo. Lots of oceanic consciousness, lots of dreams bubbling up, reaching out to us from the collective, lots of creative idealism.

But the Virgo moon will drop off a letter. In it is a single question, a single word: how?

It is not an imperative, just a nudge. How will you manifest in the physical plane what the dream has seen? What will you need for materials? In what order do things need to be constructed? How will you get the funds to do so?

The full moon is supported by an approaching Jupiter-Venus trine, and a Mercury-Venus conjunction. For a Virgo moon, this is quite a gentle one.

All the opportunity is there, but it’s time to start looking ahead and writing down the plans. That way, when mercury and venus climb out of the water onto the burning plains of Aries next week, they’ll know where to channel the fire.

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