Good morning dears. I thought I'd do an intro-post in honor of the sun-pluto conjunction and because I'm combining my personal and professional instas. 🌙 I'm Whitney. I am a student astrologer living in Bellingham, WA, working on my master's in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in depth psychotherapy. I have a degree in the great books from St John's College in Santa Fe where I gave up entirely upon compartmentalized subjects of thought and study. I love the story of ideas. Everything is personal, everything is metaphor. 🌙 I'm an Aquarius rising, with Saturn hovering 11 degrees from the ascendant. I have always felt out-of-place, but keenly interested in observing life. I struggle with embodiment and participating in life instead of obsessively mapping internal and interpersonal spaces... (further emphasized by a Virgo new moon in my 8th house.) 🌙 I write because the world moves me, and people most of all. I play with words and thoughts, and try not to hurt myself with trying to make things perfect, so if there's a few typos and inconsistencies, it's the connection that matters. 🌙 I try to create new stories like medicine, by understanding what people need and where there might be some give in their charts and lives. 🌙 I am a phenomenalogist, and I try to be superficial in the deepest way possible as to the things I think I know and the questions I feel. 🌙 My Cancer South node means family is a big chunk of life and energy for me, but on the cusp of my Saturn return, and with Saturn transiting my Capricorn north node, I find myself doing family therapy in a community mental health setting, and gearing up to write my master's thesis on the astrological moon. 🌙 I am a time and story-based being, and I have come to my personal practice with astrology because it improves my qualitative experience of time itself. Every moment becomes a holy unique expression of itself, as are you. 🌙 Who are you?! Tell me how life/astrology move you!

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