Jupiter Square Neptune (1/3)

I took this picture out of the plane a few days ago. Two sailboats in the middle of the bay surrounded by fog such that sea nearly seamlessly becomes sky. It's a sense one could only stumble upon from the air, a secret meeting in a scene without boundary. 🌟

It reminds me of today's square between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This is their first contact in this configuration and it will happen twice more over the course of the year. I see their contact in these two boats holding congress in an oceanic indistinct landscape. 🌟

The tension in this square comes from expansion in two directions at once. But these two planets are not forceful - and this aspect has more of a feel of changing the smell in the air around you, prompting curiosity about the strange fog that obscures and reveals in turn. 🌟

Both Jupiter and Neptune have something of the priest/shaman/holy fool about them, serving the community through relating to the ideas or invisible forces that form the bounds of consensual reality. In this configuration, they are pushing for a gentler felt-sense of reality - become permeable, phenomenological, and receptive, or things may get mystifying and incomprehensible. 🌟

Sagittarius is about thought and belief, and Pisces is about faith and feeling. We're being asked to not let our inner dogmas get ahead of our powerful feelings of contact with the divine. We're being asked to make sure we talk "as much TO god, as ABOUT god." And then maybe just listen. And look for the message in dream. 🌟

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