Leo Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses offer vistas - flashes of light that expose vast tracks of time and landscape (lifescape) - some mirage possible futures, the current lay of the land, while still others are culminations and retrospectives. ☀️🌙 Tomorrow's eclipse is the final in the Aquarius/Leo axis, wrapping up a cycle that began in February 2017. In that way it is a kind of ending. But the moon and sun will square Uranus - so the possibility of a blindsiding insight might change everything, somersaulting the status quo into a wholly different light. ☀️🌙 The eclipse herself takes place at 0°Aquarius/Leo - bringing to mind the July 23, 2017 partial solar eclipse - one that stands out in my memory as a moment of intense personal powerlessness as I experienced a medical issue that left me in chronic pain for months, and paradoxically tremendous personal triumph as I stepped out of my comfort zone and had an experience that helped me let myself feel the extent of my power. It began a healing journey with my inner feminine and my womb and my physical body. And today it does feel like joy and power. I am confident to make my own decisions about how to live in my body. ☀️🌙 Astrology is a practice and a clock, rhythmically gesturing to different parts of life calling for balance and recalibration. Tomorrow provides the opportunity for your own or life's closing remarks and joyous sendoff to whatever storyline the eclipse cycle spoke to - between reason and joy, the present and the future, Leo and Aquarius.

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