Mars conjuncts Pluto - 4/25/18

Pluto, standing still at the degree of his station, is looking into a dark mirror. Mars the warrior approaches him to take a look. There is a charge in the air, for Mars knows that whatever he glimpses cannot be unseen.

Mars, the champion of the will and the strength of earthly body, might be about to glimpse a full view of his own futility, that all his actions, victories, and strivings will fall into oblivion, and he has no power to change that.

A cold glass of water that might be. But there is something else that is offered on this threshold : the cleansing of personal fear. When Mars conjoins Pluto tonight, a great gift is offered.

Mars can look in Pluto's mirror and see that all is ephemeral. And if his soul can bear that truth, then he can shed a great weight. He can leave his fear behind. He can leave the heaviness of superfluous responsibility, of that ever nagging worry.

Freely then he can run into life, with a pure heart, and a truer spirit, knowing that he is only one piece of life's dream - that he cannot help but fulfill his purpose.

In these days of Mars and Pluto's congress, let the clear truths of the underworld cleanse your warrior. You are made of dust. And that dust is made of stars.

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