Moon in Aries

It has already been a couple days, but the Moon still smolders in the embers of Aries until tonight

Have you felt her prickly snapping movements? Her quick impulses and sudden reverses? Her loud cries announcing fiercely what is happening inside and outside of her? Or maybe you've felt the urge to run? Quick and inspired is the Aries moon, sparking thought and dream into creation before running quickly to whatever is next. Stasis is the enemy, she would never want to not look busy, to not feel forward inertia Fire around the edges - sudden intensity, fierce emotions, the inability to let things be, unless they are lagging, then we're off! Enjoy the crackling energy for another day - she sextiles Mercury so the words and ideas should flow easily and quickly - before a balsamic Taurus moon grounds us through early next week.


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