Moon in Pisces - 6/5/18

While we were all sleeping, waking, dreaming, the moon slipped into the oceanic tides of Pisces. Skin meets water, ears sink under the surface, light works differently down there. Unlike the walled in Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces is the only water sign without an exoskeleton, without a solid barrier between self and other in this murky element. Things can get a little too close, and distortions of sound and vision make reality more fluid.

The moon in Pisces is permeable. She can feel in her heart what moves and feels in her environment. This empathy is so pervasive that she may lose sight of what is hers and what is yours. She will feel your pain, your love, your excitement, perhaps deeper than you do. Without walls around her heart, she can see more easily through yours. Here, dreams come rich and thick, during waking as well as sleeping hours. But best not dissect or analyze them. Speak to them in their own language – image, water, color... put down the pen, wander inner landscapes with paint instead.

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