Moon in Saggitarius - 5/27/18

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Where fire becomes the sword, flame becomes clarity, moves with certain purpose across time and space. Saggitarius, where movement is the only way to find homeostasis.

The moon moves into Saggitarius this afternoon, emerging from the intimate depths of Scorpio hungry for the heights.

Here is ecstatic experience, the line between the wizard and the madman blurred by speed. Questions plague and drive onward, experience translated into meaning in a blink.

Be careful that personal certainty does not crush the curiosity of others, remember Saggitarius Moon that your truth is only one story of Truth. In your precise focus, stop for a moment to listen. "Those who sacrifice beauty for efficiency get what they deserve."

Then blast off in your wanderings, chat with each God a moment, taste each dish in the history of knowledge, map and map again each vein of the spinning globe. Ask yourself, as one Sagg moon once did: "What does light look like if you are moving at the speed of light?"

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