New Course Offering: 13 Moons Lunar Intensive

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The moon is the most intimate of astrological bodies. She is feeding and being fed, what it feels like to live in your memories, which color of lenses your nostalgia wears. She is our connection to each other and ourselves. In 2021, I think we all could use a little more connection. This course is designed to teach you about the moon in a way that honors your personal story and gifts while connecting you to other group members on the same journey.

What: 13 classes to learn about the astrological moon and lunar archetype, in a small group format designed to help you connect with your own moon, and to know others’ in their own words. Through lectures, discussions, readings, journaling, meditations, and invitations to the lunar temple of memory and maternal lineage, we will explore in an experiential format the most intimate of astrological signifiers: the Moon.

When: The first 13 Mondays (moon day) of 2021. 7-8:30 pm Mountain Time.

Where: Zoom meetings.

Who: All are welcome, to preserve an intimate sharing space, class is limited to 11 participants.

How: Each class will be part lecture as we learn about the moon through her phases, signs, houses, modalities, aspects, the lunar nodes, eclipses, the progressed lunar cycle, and lunar returns. Each lecture will be followed by an experiential piece and/or discussion as we share and develop language to make our moons our own. Lectures will be recorded, discussions will not be.

Requirements: Participants must being willing to share their birth charts with the class. All other sharing of process, etc, is encouraged but not required.

Cost: $300 due in full at registration. Payment plans on a case by case basis. Reach out and we'll make something work.

To register:

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