New Moon in Aquarius - 2/15/18

The yearly Aquarius new moon arrives the afternoon of Thursday, February 15. The sky is quite serious, well tuned for quiet reflection and contemplation. The moon and sun come together exactly opposite the degree of the “great american eclipse,” of August 2017, giving a proverbial nod to the stories it catalyzed, though from the other side of the zodiac. What has happened in these last six months? Which themes burst forth and what was laid to rest?

Mercury, scintillating in the sign of its exaltation, conjoins the sun and moon, bringing mental clarity to their broad view. Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, cutting through any mental fog or delusions of grandeur. Mars in Sagittarius has the bravery (or is it bravado?) of the heretic to discard mental barriers. Aquarius cares little for societal mores and the standards of the dominant culture. Within its bounds, the combined powers of the luminaries ask what have you numbed to please the collective. What is tangled and struggling inside of you fighting for release?

Just release it. Trust yourself.

The best “you,” or the most current “you,” or just the authentic “you” of this very moment IS what is best for the collective. Will it go over smoothly? Not always, especially with Uranus’ aid(Uranus sextiles the new moon), but use the detached-greater-good Aquarian energy to weather it out until everything settles to a truer reflection of who you need to be.

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