New Moon in Aries - 4/15/18

It's been a long day this last month. How's everybody doing?

Mars is half way through his tenure in Capricorn; in the last month we've seen him conjoin Saturn, square mercury two out of three times, and square the full moon. Relentless has been the theme. And still ahead: the Saturn station, Pluto station, Mars/Pluto conjunction.

Hopefully through the struggle we've found our sea legs, because the Aries new moon offers an opportunity to foster greater courageousness in the heart.

The moon will join the sun at 26 degrees Aries at 7pm, right next to the collective wildcard, Uranus. Surprise truths and surprise energy therefore infuse this lunation with unpredictability. Who knows what will manifest in the next two weeks, so expect the unexpected.

Meanwhile late last night mercury stationed direct, bringing to a close his spring retrograde cycle. Reflections on the self have been the focus, and the new moon offers great potential to integrate any new found gems. What have you learned about you inner champion? How can that knowledge change the story you are writing?

This new moon is excited, but like springtime, it's not without a few surprises.

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