New Moon Phase

There's magic in the new moon phase. During her dark respite, the moon visits the dream world, comes back with seeds for this one . . She's not of the earth yet, still dripping in the holy juices - doesn't quite understand "impossibility." All inspiration, with a single-mindedness that walks through barriers that seem solid enough to other phases . . To be fair, the nascent moon bumbles and fumbles because she doesn't know the rules of this world, how to complete her tasks, ground herself in matter, ask nicely. Just as she is not yet visible, the world is not fully real to her either . . There's something shiny about people born during this moon phase, something in their eyes that still sees the otherworld in this one. They don't feel quite real, both impossibly wise and stunningly naive. Neither are you completely real to them. . . Tend to the inspiration now - as the Moon grows, the seeds will begin to germinate, the work of gardening will be the test of their world-worthiness and yours.

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