New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Time reduplicates and reviews, luminaries two-step about one another. (A solar eclipse in Capricorn)

And the partially eclipsed Sun and moon ask together of the kingdom you are building with word and deed to be your remembrance on the the earth. What of you will last beyond you?

Capricorn has eminence. It is the maturity of the change-maker, ripened through the zodiac, understanding of personal limitation. Capricorn changes the things it can; chooses which mountains to climb knowing that everything is finite, time, body, resources.

Are you frittering away time and feeling, merely creating piles of metaphoric detritus as your legacy? Are you caught again in your own snare spending your resources merely in freeing yourself from your own folly?

There is a deed for you to do in this world, a gift you must give, a kingdom only you know the plans too, even if that kingdom is your backyard garden or a gentle childhood for your children, a skill worked to close proximation of human perfection, the statement of a truth you have held in your mouth for so many years.

There is no kingdom too small as to be unholy. Leave others to their work, your own work awaits.

New moons plant seeds, and while I am not a big fan of the “setting of intentions” bullet-journalling spiritual to-do listing, I do think its important to check in to the more shadowy parts of your mind to make sure you are not unconsciously wasting your effort on annoying trivialities. And the best way to do this is to decide what it is that you want to make.

Not what you think you should want - what you actually want to dedicate your life force towards. Honor the sincerity of that task. It is not a cheap inspirational slogan. It is the proper response to a finite life.

If you do not know, the discovery too is powerful work. Enough with wasting time. The kingdom of your heaven awaits the sweat of your brow and the strength of your hands.


What is behind us eclipses us.

Can I sing a song to the 12th house? That shadowy place of ill-repute - signifying “hospitals, prisons, self-undoing;” the mad-house of the life-pie. The “loony bin” or is it “lunar bin”? Housing those whose moons have taken them a step too far outside themselves…

The 12th house has imprisoned many women across history. The Convent, the only place wherein the spirit that moved inexplicably in the bodies and minds of women could be exalted. To the rest, whose view of the suffering of mankind and the mad design of the world broke their inner cohesion to consensual reality - they were chained away in asylums.

You hear that term “Away”? Yes, the 12th house is away from the world, and yet somehow sees farther. It is the same as how dreams can pierce something truer than waking life. It is the same as all the wisdom spoken back to you that you recognize already.

It is mad - the madness of oracles and prophets. Those strange bodies of humans who find a seam of the universal within their experience and follow it to caverns of truth where the world is unmade and ancient.

Of course the ego fears the 12th, for that is where the ego is unwoven and found to be made of a universal pulp. It is in the 12th that a singularity of selfhood is lost, sometimes irretrievably.

The 12th house is the dark wood just beyond the village there is medicine there for your ailing mother, but no path. The 12th house is the dreamscape wherein your little self has no control. The 12th house is all blind spot. And the 12th house is beyond you.

It is in the 12th that you give beyond what you are willing to give. It is the place of the devotion of your small self to that which is bigger than you. It is what the collective asks, and where we sacrifice what is most precious of our worldliness, knowing that a greater preciousness lies beyond.

It is the place where we serve the mysterious force sometimes called “god’s will.” It is the drive to sacrifice the one for the redemption of the whole.

A fearful place indeed.


Last year, Saturn, the ruler of my chart (Aquarius rising), entered my 12th house, moving towards my north node. Adam Sommer @kosmognosis called this transit “things fall apart” and told me to pick the beams of my life I still wanted standing at the end, for everything else would be lost.

My north node perches right atop 15 degrees Capricorn, together in a strange stellium with Neptune, Juno, Lillith and just a step away from Uranus. My north node trines my 8th house sun and my tenth house Pluto/Ceres conjunction.

I have always dreamt vividly, always knew drugs were not safe for me, the madness was too close always. God has always been a breathe away, just a soul nudge and I’m lost in the miracle of creation and connection with all. Any old church will stir me. Any fire will stir me. Any view of the ocean will rock me to inner reverence.

A tremor in my boots at Capricorn eclipse on my North Node in my twelfth.

But here’s something I have been integrating: if you approach transits proactively, they don’t happen to you, they happen with you.

So, the ruler of my chart is moving through the 12th house of hospitals, madness, and solitude in the sign of tradition, structure, and institutions. I am doing my practicum for my MA in counseling psychology in a mental health clinic.

The ruler of my Capricorn north node is opposing my lunar south node for the first time in my life, and I am writing my masters thesis (Saturn) on astrology as a therapeutic modality within depth psychotherapy specifically on the archetype of the moon as the intersection between psyche, somatics, and the locus of psychological healing work.

I need the Capricorn discipline to accomplish these tasks, I need the Capricorn time management skills and the devotion to one’s work.