Pisces Season 2021

Sigh of relief, the skies are kind of quiet for Pisces Season.

The Sun slips into Pisces early on February 18th, bringing us into 2021's Pisces season. Blessedly, there's not a lot to report, and even less to brace for, a welcome relief after what feels like more than a year of rough skies. We enter Pisces season on the tails of the first Saturn Uranus square manifesting for many as a pandemic-fatigue, 'we cannot go on like this and yet there is no end in sight' feeling that is challenging our relationships, our mental health, and our faith that 2021 will pull us out of 2020's woes. This is the first of three squares that the two planets will make to each other, so take it as 'Act I' in a drama that will play out all year. In many ways, the dominating narrative in Pisces' season is the relief from the crunch of Aquarius season wherein we felt tremendous tension in a series of squares from Aquarius to Taurus. As the personal planets progress into Pisces, these squares release, much to our relief. The end of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury stations direct on February 20th, bringing to a close a three-week retrograde and the accompanying hijinks, miscommunications, and technological snafus. It will not be until March 12 that we fully move beyond their lessons, when Mercury clears the post-shadow of the retrograde. Use these weeks to integrate the lessons and insights gained during the retrograde. Venus in Pisces. Venus enters Pisces on February 25 and will remain there until March 21. Pisces is the sign of Venus' exaltation, where the goddess becomes a universal manifestation of love, generosity, and creativity fueled by the divine. It is well to savor her yearly time in this sweet sign by getting creative or smoothing over any relationship troubles that have developed under the more problematic astrology we have seen over the last year. Pleasures as well should be more accessible. Use the softer things in life to care for yourself during these blessed weeks. Virgo full moon, Pisces new moon. The Virgo full moon on February 27 offers a moment to pause, witness how far we have come since the Virgo new moon last September, and plan our next moves. The lunation trines Uranus, the great awakener, and nimble-minded Virgo is great at figuring out just what needs to change to accommodate new insights about what is truly of value. The Pisces new moon on March 13 offers quite a different experience. Conjoining both Venus and Neptune, the dark of the moon offers many visions both beautiful and numinous but trust them tenuously as Neptune can muddy the waters, and what appears may not always be what is.

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