Saturn in Capricorn - 12/21/17

Today the Sun conjoins Saturn in Capricorn, at the day of greatest darkness in the Northern Hemisphere. The Solstice alone feels like the deepest part of a cave. We have had to take many fearful breaths to ge here, pushing ourselves through fear and fatigue to the final depths.

Why would we retreat from the light into the cave? Why leave the surface of earth, not towards the rarefied air and light of the sky, but the damp cold rock womb? What we find here is not the transcendent truths of the spirit, but the worldly truth that the soul is bound to the body, and the body is limited.

Ah, the soul in the body: welcome to Saturn.

(Uh hey Saturn...whatcha doin down here?...Oh, is the Sun here too...? *torches light up to reveal the antechamber*...) So, here we are on the solstice, deep in the cave, and we find Saturn and the Sun waiting for us. This is the beginning of cycle, and the personal myth they have come together to tell about the work we must do in the world is worthy of a listen. (Saturn stares into a black mirror, and beckons us over. The sun hands a magic magnifying glass that allows us to see in the mirror as well…) We will each see something different, feel the tectonic plates of our being shift slightly but irrevocably towards whatever Saturn come home to his Capricorn castle portends. As the Sun’s light grows towards the next solstice, so too will our understanding.

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