Saturn Sextile Neptune (1/3)

The light is returning here in Northern Washington and gosh it feels good. Plants are greener, you can smell soil and budding trees, and there's bird song in the morning. It feels like time is moving again. ☁️🌊 In winter, in the sedated dreams that are possible only during so much outward dark, time bows out, and we imagine the future. In luscious dripping paint fear or ambition or joy or love or dread dance across our vision, giving form and gesture to inward yearning. ☁️🌊 But time comes alive again, the corporal world blinks its eyes and begins to wake. And this year, Saturn drops by Neptune's abode for a cup of tea and to look over the plans for this year's proverbial garden. ☁️🌊 Neptune rules dreams, ideals, delusions. He speaks in images, fragments of melody you remember but can't place, realizations from the trance state just before waking. And Saturn, well...Saturn rules time and reality, "the way things are." He rules what you have to do regardless of how you feel about it. (He is the secret greatest gift, and none of us would be human without him. ) ☁️🌊 But the two can find themselves at odds - what happens to our dreams or vague hunches when the rent must be paid, not to mention the health insurance? ☁️🌊 Ah but what happens if they meet for tea as friends, Neptune the blissful with Saturn the practical? else do dreams become plans? Jupiter's square with Neptune stimulated, and now Saturn has come to draw the blueprints. ☁️🌊 Pay attention now to the world you'd like to create and how you will actually do that, how long it will actually take, what resources you'll actually need. Choose something that you can dedicate your worldly effort to, plan and begin, and get real. ☁️🌊 Saturn will check in on the progress in June, and give a final feedback session in November. If they start as friends now, those later meetings stand to go more smoothly.

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