Scorpio Season 2020

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Welcome to Scorpio Season. 

With the Sun now moved into Scorpio (October 22 - November 21), here are the big storylines of what we may encounter: Scorpio season begins in the second quarter moon phase, building in action and tension towards a full moon in Taurus on Halloween. However, our ability to take meaningful action is doubly frustrated due to the retrogrades of both Mars and Mercury, which confuse the mind and tire the body. It is a high stakes game, life (and democracy) these days, but at the moment we are being asked to reconsider what is worth fighting for, and how to be truly effective with our energy.  Mercury Retrograde and its resolution Mercury stationed retrograde on October 13, but much of the significant moments of the retrograde take place during Scorpio season. The mid-point of the retrograde is the moment when we have the opportunity to understand what the Mercury retrograde was about. This occurs on October 25 when Mercury conjoins the Sun, called a 'cazimi,' and offers some mental clarity in the form of revelation, epiphanies, or news. Things begin to make sense, though we are not always able to put these insights to use until Mercury stations direct on November 3. It is not until November 19th, however, that Mercury clears the shadow of the retrograde and we move on to new topics altogether.  Another undercurrent of this Mercury retrograde has been Mercury's dance with Uranus. The two form three oppositions, October 7, October 18, and November 17, respectively. These three days are ripe for secrets revealed and incendiary information to be discovered. It is a retrograde full of reversals and pivot points, try to stay nimble, and build in wiggle room to your plans.  Venus changes signs Venus, the planet of harmonious relations and creature comforts, will ingress into two different signs during Scorpio season. She moves from a difficult time in Virgo to a more peaceful position in Libra on October 27, just in time to soothe nerves and hopefully contribute to some unification in the week preceding the election. Her time in Libra is a helpful respite from the serious strain put on relationships during 2020. Use this time wisely though, for she leaves the couches of Libra for the less convivial dungeons of Scorpio on November 21.  Taurus full moon opposite Uranus As if a full moon on Halloween were not exciting enough, this one takes place exactly conjunct the planet Uranus, known for surprise breakdowns and breakthroughs, but not *ahem* gentleness. Mischief-makers rejoice because this full moon promises all the pranks will go off with double the bang. Be careful though, for it is very likely that the joke is on you.   Jupiter and Pluto conjoin for the third and final time Jupiter and Pluto have been quite close in the sky the entire year of 2020, but make their third and final conjunction on November 12. Their two others (April 4 and July 12) coincided with significant rises in Covid-19 cases, meaning we could see the third wave stemming from the reopening of schools, in addition to the start of the regular flu season.   Mars stations direct  Mars, retrograde since September 9, will station direct on November 13. We have struggled, strived to find patience among desperate circumstances, and pushed parts of ourselves to their limits. Time to find our way out of the dark woods. When Mars begins forward motion, we are called back to the true path, but we are not the same. As we move forward, may we integrate what we have learned about picking our battles and choosing which hills to die on. Mars will be in Aries until January 6, 2021, so we have a few months to nurse our wounds and build up our strength again.  Scorpio new moon Finally, a Scorpio new moon on November 14 offers a gentler lunation than the previous explosive Taurus full moon of Halloween or the burdened Libra new moon before that. It is also the final lunation before our entrance into eclipse season on November 30. The Scorpio new moon is ruled by a newly direct Mars, so the piercing quality of Scorpio can proceed without interruption. With a sextile to Saturn though, it will be a slow start to anything conceived during the rebirth of the lunar month. For a deeper dive into the new moon, check out my youtube channel. 

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