Sun Conjoins Mercury

Our collective galactic flashlight fist-bumps an oddball mercury in Aquarius today. And here's the thing: their conjunction sits at precisely the degree that Mars stationed retrograde at the end of last June. So what I'm thinking is, on your break today, or your commute, think for a bit about last summer. See if a few minutes of attention can bring some clarity to the predominant issues of that situation. Because the Sun wouldn't mind some understanding and comforting context around all that, and Mercury in rational Aquarius is a truth seer, and a (perhaps oblivious) truth teller. Aquarius is also the sign that rules astrology itself, so dusting off the old natal chart for a good tête-á-tête, who knows, a new aspect may come to light bringing more equilibrium to your self- understanding in this mad world. But if nothing else - Please, realize that despite our apparent confines, we are all much freer than we dare. If you have the privilege to push the boundaries of your life towards greater personal freedom (or eccentricity), PLEASE do. We'll all be better for it.

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