The Astrology of Pregnancy and Motherhood Part II: Astrological Insights to Foster Prenatal Bonding

Part II: Astrological Insights to Foster Prenatal Bonding

Well before birth, bonding between mother and baby begins developing. By knowing some of the birth chart features that my baby is likely to be born with, I can begin to prepare myself psychologically to be the best mother to support his unique journey through development. I can also look at the ways in which his birth chart relates to that of my partners and my own, as well as the composite chart of our relationship, to understand how we might have unique relationships with our child, and how his birth might affect our relationship.

Here are few methods I would use to get a sense of who my baby is and what our relationship might be like:


Looking at the weeks around the due date gives me a general sense of where the planets are going to be and what the major transits are to get a sense of what his birth chart might look like. So for example, my due date is July 16, 2020. I know that for two weeks before and for two weeks after, not one planet changes signs, so I can say with a high degree of accuracy where all of his planets will be, and even a general sense of the aspects between them. As the moon changes signs every 2.5 days or so, I will not know his moon sign until he’s born probably. Also, the sun will change signs from Cancer to Leo about six days after my due date, so there is a chance he will be a Leo. There is also no way to know what his rising sign will be, so I cannot know where each of these planets will fall in his chart with regards to specific houses, which along with the concept of sect, could change their condition in important ways.

Here’s what I can say with some confidence:

His Sun will probably be in Cancer, and maybe in Leo. This means he may be a calmer, more sensitive child, or a bubbly “look at me!” personality who will not mind being the center of attention. Either way, being the first child, first grandchild, and first great-grandchild in the family will require some stamina for family (Cancer) and attention (Leo).

Mercury is communication, how and what we think about, and how we express it. Mercury in the water signs is the least verbal, but very imaginative. Mercury also finishes up a retrograde on July 12, so there’s a chance that my son will be born with Mercury still in retrograde, which would further underscore challenges around verbal communication, but a rich inner life and wonderful imagination. His Mercury will also inconjunct mine and quincunx his father’s - meaning that it may be more difficult for him to communicate easily with us. Knowing this ahead of time means that we can maintain emotional equilibrium and come from an empowered sense of playing to our strengths instead of wounding each other psychologically because of our struggles.

His Venus will be in Gemini. Gregarious, playful, and curious his Venus will probably make him sociable and fun-loving. Venus in Gemini has a great time with games, and it’s sextile with my Venus in Leo means that we can really connect over our joy.

His Mars will be in Aries, meaning that physical stamina will probably not be an issue for this kiddo. It will, however, oppose my Mars in Libra and square his dad’s Mars in Capricorn, meaning that there will surely be a few contests of wills in our home. Unfortunately, due to the weaker condition of my Mars (being in the sign of its detriment) I will probably not win many of these but play a role as negotiator and diplomat.

His Saturn will be in rulership in Capricorn, fitting the Saturnian theme of our family with mine in rulership in Aquarius and his dad’s in exaltation in Libra. If when he is born Saturn sits on one of the chart angles (ascendant, midheaven, descendant, or nadir) that would fit our family pattern as well.


Looking at the cycle of the moon around his due date gives me an idea of the level of energy that I might expect him to have. I have found in my personal research and from working with clients that the moon phase a person is born under indicates much about their temperament and how they move through the world. If my son is born on his due date, the moon would be in its balsamic phase - the last phase before the new moon. In this phase, I could expect a relatively calm child, a little dreamy, and often in his own world. If he is a few days late, he would be born under the new moon phase, like both me and his father, still introverted, but with a bit more energy. Of course, many other moon phases are possible, and as we get closer it will be easier to guess which one might happen.


Looking at the composite chart of my and my partner to understand how this little one might affect our relationship. This process begins with looking at the composite chart by itself, and specifically the 5th house (children) and the ruler of the 5th house to establish how the chart (and hence relationship) may respond to the children.

In looking at our composite chart I see that the fifth house is governed by the sign of Virgo, denoting service, humility, and purity of intention. It is ruled by Mercury who is in the 6th house in Libra, who in turn is ruled by Venus, also in the 6th house in Libra, and who is also the chart ruler of our Taurus-rising relationship. The two celestial bodies in the 5th house are Jupiter (abundance) and Ceres (mothering/nurturing), in conjunction with each other. Their presence indicates fertility within the relationship and joy in parenting, undertaken with Virgoan dedication and seriousness. The ruler of the 5th in copresence with the chart ruler indicates that part of the purpose of the relationship is the topics of the 5th house, but their mutual position in the 6th house of bad fortune may mean that some of this is without choice or may feel a bit oppressive. However, the good condition of Venus in Libra suggests that this will not be too difficult.

Looking at how our child’s planets might fall with regards to the houses of our relationship and planets therein, I would look mostly for conjunctions, but all hard aspects as well. His sun will fall in the third (Cancer) or fourth (Leo) house, which both have to do with living situations and daily life, which makes sense as daily life with certainly be affected by his arrival.

It is also important to keep in mind that using multiple charts for composites, his chart will change our family’s composite chart, giving another dimension by which to examine possible archetypal changes in the functioning of our family system. But this will have to wait until after birth.


Looking at our larger family’s charts and if this little one has overlap for them helps me understand the ancestral gifts he may be bringing in. This is quite a task and works best if you already have some familiarity with many charts in your family tree. I was quite surprised to see the overlap of planetary placements that my baby has with one individual in my family in particular. My maternal grandmother had Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aries, and her South Node in Sagittarius - all signatures that my baby will have! This amount of overlap with the personal planets is extraordinary. Even more wondrous was that I felt my baby move for the first time over the three days she was passing away in hospice care. Their connection is rich, and I look forward to looking for shared traits as he grows.

Working with astrological information before my child is born has helped me bond with him, and prepare to receive him as an individual, with respect for his unique gifts and life purpose. I hope that some of the information here was useful and that the techniques can be used for your own journey with prenatal astrology. I also provide readings of this kind if you are interested.