Uranus in Taurus

O Uranus, Lord of the laughing truth, the breakdown of structure and the freedom therein.

You are the outpost of freedom and individuation, the internal resistance, the words we cannot swallow but must speak though they fall with irrevocable thunder.

The other champion of Aquarius - while Saturn measures out the laws and ideas for the future, you have the tenacity to break down what is for a truer and clearer purpose. This is no casual breakdown, but the destruction of the stable core.

Courage or madness? The clearing out before a fully developed replacement emerges... the destruction of what is... for what?

Oh my child, for the Self. If you have never known a truly blank space, everything inside of you has created only in the cramped space available. But here's the world (and the heaping wreck that was your comfortable life).

In the breaking comes the freedom that you yourself have no prior knowledge of, you will have to teach yourself in real time and in that way come to know the deep inner core, the individuality under the personality.

2018 belongs to the tumble of Uranus. It's just beginning.

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