Uranus stations direct (directly a bear)

My dreams taught me that Uranus is a bear (Uranus stations direct today)

Uranus approached my 4th house and I suddenly moved across the country and started dreaming of bears. Bears that lived in pools at the tops of mountains with galaxies for eyes. Bears that chased me away from the river that carries the dead forward to the underworld and instead up the mountain to view the dawn. Baby bears that circled me to force me to face the mother bear. Uranus feels like a bear to me. A robustness of spirit that is tragic to chain up - Irreconcilably wild. The bear knows how to cuddle, rest, eat, how to have a body - how to grunt affirmatively that life is...yum! When I think of bears chained up in old circuses, bears beset by dogs, bears hunted for prizes, I feel the tragedy of great spirits mocked. It feels profane and desecrating. And then I feel rage, but a rage that destroys only for the sake of its own freedom. Only to break the confines towards a bigger life that the spirit of the bear knows belongs to itself. Life doesn't feel too big when the bear of Uranus is free. If he's chained up and you cannot bear to look at him, Mars in Aries sprays fire through the veins. Let go, set free, the powerful bear. (Uranus is in Aries until March 6, then on to Taurus)

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