Venus enters Saggitarius

Venus enters Sagittarius, chasing laughing priestly Jupiter into the archer's sign.

I am thinking now of epic literature, of red wine and my undergraduate studies reading the Western Canon at St John's College in Santa Fe. I am thinking of the seduction of philosophy and ancient literature, the mysteriousness of the Greek alphabet, and the breathless land of mathematical precision of geometry and logical proof.

Sexy, no?

I joke, but there is eros in education. Dopamine laces all discoveries and the perfect question, clearly articulated, is as intriguing and pursuable a thing as any beast.

In Sagittarius Venus longs for the epic - an epic adventure, an epic ancient poem to adventure in, an epic love to pursue across the globe. She wants her mind blown by new sights (or insights), a coy research question, or an idea that remakes your mental model of the world.

Let's not forget her son Cupid is famously armed with bow and arrow for sudden resurrection... Start a new book, or find the nearest Sagittarius and try to keep up! But whatever it is, have fun. The heaviness of Capricorn will weigh all year, and we must indulge in Saggittarian buoyancy whenever it beckons.

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