Venus in Capricorn (Feb 3 - Mar 1)

Venus ingresses into Capricorn. 🌹⛰ From the fire of Sagittarius to the stone fortress of Capricorn. She feels less wordy in the echoing stone halls, a reverent hush falls and chatty Sagg quiets. Look how long it took to make our world. Impossible without the resolution of Capricorn. ⛰🌹 Real work takes love. It would be impossible to truly dedicate ourselves without a deep and resounding love for the task at hand, the vision of the work, the galvanizing of our in-process selves. 🌹⛰ I can't name a person who isn't working hard, internally or externally, where Capricorn falls in their chart. It is charged with work to be done. What Venus can do here is help us love that work. ⛰🌹 The south node co-presence nudges me to think some of the stories we're working through are not our own, but were inherited. So, I guess they are ours now. Venus to sooth and pay homage to our ancestors feels like a nice way to use these days too. 🌹⛰ And finally, a thought from Beethoven (who had Venus in Cap natally) - "it seemed unthinkable for me to leave the world forever before I had produced all that I felt called upon to produce" ⛰🌹 Or maybe I'll throw in Gibran as well: "Work is love made visible. "

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