Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

The waxing crescent moon phase is still rich with primordial holy darkness, but it's hungrier than the new moon for the riches of the earth . . It's full of possibility, and equally full of idealism. Kind of a teenager moon, a little cocky, but definitely streaked through with brilliance. . . There is an urgency about people born under this phase - a "No time to lose" feel about them. They are "mad to live, mad to create," shot strait out of God with a message for the world and boy do they need to tell you about it! . . The waxing crescent phase is one of extremism and enthusiasm. Imagine how Prometheus must have felt headed down from Olympus with stolen fire, imagining how this gift would remake the world, having no idea of the personal consequences to come. . . This is the phase of germination of the seeds of the new moon, and germination is equally ecstatic and fragile.

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