reflections & testimonials

"Whether you know it or not, there is a lot to appreciate about the work Whitney does. I have been using her services for roughly a year, and what I’ve found has been incredibly insightful. Whitney’s blend of psychology and astrology may seem difficult at first, but it takes a seeking mind to appreciate the way she can appropriately blend the two together.

That’s not to say that her work feels too complex. I think knowing that it is very complex, along with her ability to gauge how to distill the complexity into valuable therapeutic bites, is what makes her services so great and necessary. Whitney doesn’t waste time shelling out basic platitudes about life in order to connect with you.


She approaches her work honestly, and part of that means listening and thinking. I know Whitney from St. John’s College. And for me, her philosophical background is evident. Working with Whitney has been helpful to me because I know that she is actually thinking about the problems or issues that I present. But further, she takes on the Herculean task of making sense of these issues through a framework that often takes flack for having very little legitimacy as being real. Whitney knows how to make it real. She brings it to life. She can connect thoughtfulness of philosophy, the empathy of psychology, and the framework of astrology, in such a way that even if one didn’t believe in the framework they at least wouldn’t lack in constructive content. However, the astrological framework is important. The symbols embedded in the system have much character and meaning. And from there, Whitney generates huge swaths of content. Her methods allow me to enjoy my sessions quite a lot. She provides an invaluable service to us human beings. And I’m grateful to work with her. Sessions with Whitney are time well spent, and even if you are skeptical, I suggest you still give it a try. At the very least, you will have a quite thoughtful conversation with a very sincere, understanding, and compassionate person."

Nick H. 

"After a reading with Whitney, I feel I am more energetically prepared to navigate present and future challenges, and see that there is eventually a light at the end of the tunnel. I am now more willing to see that these challenges are to my advantage if I would like to evolve as a human being. After an astrological description of my family dynamics, I feel more accepting of us. The reading gave me permission to have compassion for myself and my family as a cushion for the edges that are so rough right now."

Karin N.

"My reading with Whitney was one of the most thorough readings I’ve ever had. Her profound and practical insights helped make sense of old, worn out patterning. I recommend you reach out and book an astrological reading with her today."

Stacy N.

"Whitney's archetypally-minded (souled?) approach to astrology redefined my relationship to my wounding. Presence is in every reflection she offers, fostering openings to bring forth what is honest in welcoming ways. She sees, and does."

Dylan Y.