Frequently Asked:

What is your approach to astrology? 


I try to separate the use of astrology from metaphysical claims. I have found that astrology can be a poignant, efficient and meaningful tool for cultivating self-knowledge, compassion for oneself and others, and understanding the cycles of human life, which include times of loss and hardship as well as powerful lessons in relationships, spirituality, and personal fulfillment. 


My goals for readings include making you feel seen, understanding what it is you need and where in your life astrological guidance can be most helpful, and helping you connect with the mythological and archetypal undertones of your current transits. 


These goals mean that my readings are conversational and can sometimes feel a bit like a counseling session. If you are interested in going deeper, I do offer extended sessions (six sessions over 8 weeks for a discounted fee). While I approach astrology from a psychological perspective, I use many techniques from ancient astrology. 


How can astrology improve my relationships? 


Astrology can help with relationships by giving you a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique way of thinking, communicating, loving, and seeking to get your needs met, and also illuminating how another approaches those things, be they your partner, child, parent, sibling, etc. Natal astrology can reveal how your chart and another’s chart work together, where the potholes are, and what are the strengths you can lean on to navigate difficulties. 


Relational astrology by means of composite charts offers a view of relationships as their own entities, with their own goals and karma. In this way, we can explore the meaning and purpose of romantic, parent-child, and even multiple persons (like a whole family) relationships to look for their deeper meaning and purpose. 


What is ancestral/lineage astrology? 


As a family therapist, I find it very powerful and healing to develop an understanding of the patterns that played out in our family of origins. It turns out that astrology can help a lot in coming into an understanding of the rules and roles that were present in our families growing up and how we might be trapped within them. 


For instance, it can be helpful to know that everyone in your family has Mars in a cardinal sign, and that’s maybe why conflict could escalate quickly. Or that both your parents had hard aspects between Saturn and their moons, which is why warmth and affection might have been hard to come by. 


I can take this as deep as you want to go, piecing out the patterns as they extend through many generations. I have researched my own family back nine generations, and seek to understand how the questions and karma play out throughout an entire lineage. 


Why is this helpful? It is helpful because, on the one hand, it gives you a solid ground to stand on knowing where you belong in the story of your family and culture. Simply put, it is a statement of your irrevocable belonging. On the other hand, it shows you as part of whole, that your portion is bounded and held, and you are not responsible for healing everyone. 

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